We’ve made the trek west and landed ourselves in the biggest winter blizzard in the past ten years. Hurray for Christmas snow! Ben has spent hours clearing the driveway of 14 inches of snow and the kids refuse to go out and play.

Digging out the car

With all the space we have in our new place, this is where all three usually end up. Happy or not.

So we’ve been inside for 2 days straight and ran out of milk and diapers.  Have you ever tried to push a grocery buggy full of kids and food over a parking lot of frozen snow?  It doesn’t work that well.  I think that I was such a pitiful sight a nice man offered to get us to the car in one piece.

Going sledding? Nope, to the grocery store.

We and the groceries are safely tucked away.  Hopefully Jackson will sleep through the night because of exhaustion.  Here’s to wishful thinking!


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